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Medicancoin Greece LTD.

A Greek company dedicated to the implementation of a project based on permits and licenses obtained from the Government of Greece for the cultivation of medical marijuana in a strictly defined legal regime. Currently the company has completed project preparation phase covering buildings and installations necessary for the implementation of the business.

Red Pharma Laboratories S.A.

A company pursuing goals in the field of production and sale of medical devices, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and dietary supplements. The company is intensively expanding its distribution channels for each portfolio segment and developing sales.

Energa Plus Sp. z o.o.

A company specializing mainly in supplying microspheres to concerns in selected countries of the world. The microsphere is a component used in the production of special metal alloys, for which a very high level of durability and strength is required. For example, these alloys are used in the production of spacecraft. Additionally, the Company develops its activities in the field of trade and supply of other goods.

Eco Milan Sp. z o.o.

The company focused on the preparation, engineering, implementation and sale of large development projects in the field of residential and commercial construction.