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„I’m going wide and I’m not going to slow down, but I take every step carefully” – Janusz Skopowski

The visionary plans of the main shareholder of Black Pearl Capital, Janusz Skopowski, will allow him to take over shares in other companies, using the digital currency MCAN for this purpose.

The quotations of Black Pearl Capital shares on NewConnect continue to surprise. At the end of July, we could buy the company’s shares for about PLN 26, now they have soared. Another surprise for NewConnect users was the suspension of stock trading. The first took place on August 6, after the announcement of the acquisition of shares in RED PHARMA LABORATORIES POLSKA S.A. – dealing in the production of medical products in the anti-COVID industry. The share price rose by approx. 50%. Unfortunately, on August 7, trading was suspended again due to the huge interest in shares, which was the result of another announcement about the commencement of the process aimed at acquiring an investment fund company and a brokerage house. The management of Black Pearl considers such a long rebalancing process to be unfounded and subjective.

Janusz Skopowski, the main shareholder of Black Pearl Capital, presented his goals in an interview for Puls Biznesu.

“The Management Board of BPC has already applied to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – Digital Supervisory Agenda with a request for a position on being subject to the UKNF restrictions as a buyer from a third party MCAN utility coin. The company bought over 4.9 billion units of this currency from an external company. I want to know if and how I can use it in Poland. At the same time, other companies interested in using the MCAN digital currency, such as 01Cyberaton, approached the National Tax Information with a question whether they could use this currency to buy various services, devices, items and goods, and to acquire other companies. We have a positive opinion in this respect. […] I am talking to the WSE top companies from the main market, whose shares I intend to acquire. I propose to them selling over 5% packages for MCAN coins to Black Pearl. Then the currency and shares will be legally „traded”, and the sellers of the shares will also become investors in the MCAN virtual currency, which they can then use or sell on the Digital Currency Exchange. In practice, it may look like a company, e.g. a construction company, will buy photovoltaic installations for the roofs of its buildings. Installations with assembly are currently offered by 01Cyberaton, ”said Janusz Skopowski in an interview.

When asked about the announcement in which he declares plans to take over Copernicus Securities, a brokerage house, which in turn is a shareholder of Copernicus Capital TFI, he replies: „A brokerage house and TFI provide the tools necessary to obtain transparency, and hence credibility on the digital currency market. If I have a brokerage house, I can keep the wallets of those people who will buy MCAN coins through the exchange without any legal problems. In addition, I get the opportunity to build a currency exchange platform under the supervision of the KNF Office. By eliminating the risk factor – which is the anonymity of cryptocurrency wallet holders – BPC can introduce systemic transparency of its activities. Through BPC, I connect the capital market with blockchain. Nobody has done it in Poland yet! […] BPC intends to buy 5-10 percent in the first stage. shares or stocks. The company will be a holding entity. The structure of the brokerage house will help create a legal and transparent operating model. Ultimately, the capital commitment must exceed 20 percent. a given company, as this provides the basis for accounting for the consolidated profit of these companies and Black Pearl. I plan to enter at least 100 companies, almost half of which will be listed entities. „

The interview is available on the Puls Biznesu portal